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15 questions EVERY Christian woman should ask Christian men
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Thanks to @KarisFaith316

I actually typed them out, so here it is for anyone else’s convenience 😀

1. Theology. The Bible is it God’s Word? Jesus. Is he the son of God who died for us? Salvation – is the cross sufficient?

2. Are you a Christian? How did you become one and how are you sure you are one now?

3. Did the last girl you dated say she’s a better Christian after dating you?

4. You wanna sit down with one of the leaders at my church and talk about your convictions and intentions between us?

5. Would your last gf recommend that other women who need direction/strength/leadership to get involved with you??? CAN I CALL HER?

6. If we were in a relationship, how would you be able to tell I was idolizing the relationship and how would you get me back on track?

7. In a relationship, what things would you do to ensure physical and spiritual purity?

8. If I wanted to pursue a 100 percent hands-off relationship, what would you think of that?

9. Could you guarantee that i would spiritually mature and grow after entering into a relationship with you?

10. If one day I woke up and wasn’t physically attractive would ya LOVE MEEE?

11. What areas do I need to grow and mature in and how would you build me up in those areas? (Make sure he’s not a lame flattering foo)

12. What would be the spiritual goal or purpose of our relationship? What would we and others around us and God get out of our relationship? And how did you fulfill this goal in past relationships?

13. If we got together how would you feel about having an open relationship where we sit down with ministers every month so that they could hold us accountable in several areas?

14. What is God’s purpose in dating and marriage? Please support your answers with the Bible.

15. Do you have a history of getting with girls primarily because you’re lonely, the girls are pretty, or any other wrong reason? And can you provide three references? BAAAMMMM

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