Dating Advice for Men on How to Find the Perfect Woman

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Dating Advice for Men

If you have trouble knowing how to meet women and more importantly how to approach beautiful women; you've come to the right place. Below are 4 great pieces of dating advice for men that will help you understand what attracts women to men and how to have successful dates.

Be True To Yourself

In this modern day and age it is easy to put forward a false image of yourself, especially if you frequent online places to meet women; such as chat rooms and dating websites.  However, not being completely honest about who you are as a person on the inside and outside could have serious ramifications for your chances of meeting that special one.  Trust is important to any relationship or friendship and if you start yours by lying about what you look like or what your views and beliefs are; be prepared for it to be a very short relationship.

Always Be A Gentleman

A good way to look at how you should act around and treat women you are interested in is that you should consider the type of treatment you'd expect another man to give your sister or another female member of your family.  Date responsibly by staying true to your word, being well mannered, respectful and take good care of your personal hygiene and appearance.

Treat a woman the way you'd like a man to treat your sister, daughter or someone you care about; this means dating responsibly. Take care of your appearance and hygiene. Be a man of your word. Be well-mannered, courteous and respectful in your words, behaviours and actions.

Make time to learn as much as you can about her and be open about who you are; rather than rushing to get into her pants.


Keep Your Integrity

One mistake a lot of men make is that rather than just telling the truth, they try to be nice so as not to hurt their date.  This is particularly common when it comes to the end of the date and you know deep down you don't want to see her again, but instead of saying that, you say “I'll give you a call”.  Empty promises actually cause more hurt in the long rung than tactfully but honestly telling her you don't wish to see her again.

Be Considerate

It is vital that you are caring and considerate towards the feelings of a woman you are dating.  Women need to feel connected to the men they are dating and if you avoid keeping regular contact with her between the times you meet up; it can give her the wrong idea that you are not interested.  It is very easy nowadays to just send a little text or give her a message on Facebook or even a quick phone call.  This will show her that you do think about her when you are not together, which will make her feel happy and positive about your blooming relationship.

Dating Mistakes That Guys Make

If you find yourself making the same dating mistakes, it is time to use a few good dating tips for men that will serve you well in the future. There are a few men's consumer magazines that offer practical dating tips for guys and you can also get dating tips from relatives and friends who were successful in dating and who are now in healthy relationships. Even your mother and sisters can offer dating advice from a female perspective.

Buying Your Way To A Date

Too often men think that if they buy nice gifts for the women they're interested in, this will be enough to convince the women to go out with the men and have relationships with them. You should understand that women expect more than nice gifts in order to have a great relationship with men. They want to be respected and liked for who they are and they want your quality time and understanding as well as nice gifts.

Not Being Dependable

So you are dating a nice lady and you sense that she would be a nice person to establish a relationship with. However, you have a bad habit of frequently showing up late for your dates or cancelling dates right at the last minute. Or if your date needs assistance with her car when it breaks down but you have an excuse for not doing so, your date will see you as undependable. You want to be reliable when dating a lady.

Treating Girlfriends As Second Moms

If you start to think that your girlfriend has to do the same motherly duties as your mom such as wash your clothes and cook meals regularly, drive you to work or to job interviews all of the time or even financially support you, you will not have a successful relationship because your girlfriend will feel as if she is being used by you. She is not your mother and when you treat her as such, it shows your immaturity and inability to do things on your own.

Being Too Clingy

Women are also turned off by men who are too clingy and if this has been your pattern in dating, you should stop this behavior immediately. You want to maintain adequate quality time with your sweetie but it is just as important not to have your life revolve around her. Get involved in new interests so that you will become a more well-rounded person overall and so that you will be more interesting to your girlfriend.


All guys have made these and other dating mistakes but it is not too late to make changes to your bad habits. Start by putting yourself in the lady's shoes and ask yourself how you would feel if she had the same bad habits in the relationship, Also ask your friends and relatives to give you honest feedback on how you approach dating relationships. If your older brother says that your hygiene isn't always the best and that you can be lazy at times, consider his comments and look for ways to improve. Finally. Maintain a optimistic outlook while improving yourself.

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